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Featured Products

24" Wide DWS Downflow Workstation

Picture of 24" Wide DWS Downflow Workstation
The DWS24, 24" Wide Downflow Workstations are high efficiency ductless fume hoods designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface.

AgileMixer Vortex Mixer

Picture of AgileMixer Vortex Mixer
The AgileMixer is useful for a variety of applications by touch or continous variable speed mode.

Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer - AREX

Picture of Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer - AREX
Hot plate stirrer with CerAlTop™ aluminum alloy and ceramic coating, that can be connected to VTF Vertex digital thermoregulator for direct temperature control of the liquid.

D450 Sieve Shaker

Picture of D450 Sieve Shaker
The Endecotts D450 Digital is a vibrating shaker that is used to carry out sieve tests in conjunction with sieve stacks for particle sizing of various material samples.

Diaphragm pump MD 12 NT

Picture of Diaphragm pump MD 12 NT
The MD 12 NT diaphragm pump is an especially powerful pump for oil-free evacuation and pumping of non aggressive gases.

Digital Overhead Stirrer - DLS

Picture of Digital Overhead Stirrer - DLS
Digital overhead stirrer for low-medium viscosity liquids with digital display.

Digital Peristaltic Pump

Picture of Digital Peristaltic Pump
MU-D peristaltic pump series is ideal for a variety of applications, which include filtration, circulation, sampling, chemical spraying, dispensing, transferring, feeding and filling.

Dura Tap Industrial Test Sieve Shaker for 8" and 12" Test Sieves

Picture of Dura Tap Industrial Test Sieve Shaker for 8" and 12" Test Sieves
Advantech proudly offers the DuraTap. With your requirements and budget in mind, this unit is designed to succeed where others fail. Gone are the days of needing to buy "accessory packs" of repair parts for expected breakdowns like other sieve shakers require.

ELMI CM70M-09 Fugamix

Picture of ELMI CM70M-09 Fugamix
The Fugamix family of products is a unique series, engineered to combine the two most frequently used functions in the laboratory – mixing and spin down – in a single machine.

EMF Meter

Picture of EMF Meter
The Sper Scientific EMF Meter measures electro magnetic field emissions from electrical power lines and transmission equipment, computer, HVAC, audio/video, and other electrical appliances and equipment.

Helix 150 Orbital Shaker

Picture of Helix 150 Orbital Shaker
The economical Helix 150 is an easy-to-use open air orbital shaker used for various laboratory shaking applications.

High-Speed Centrifuge - Microhematocrit with A001 rotor

Picture of High-Speed Centrifuge - Microhematocrit with A001 rotor
The XC-H12 High Speed Centrifuge spins capillary tubes to separate blood into layers and the packed cells volume can then be calculated by measuring the legnth of the layers.

Infrared Vortex Mixer - WIZARD

Picture of Infrared Vortex Mixer - WIZARD
Exclusive and compact vortex mixer with settable speed, provided with the revolutionary IR sensor or continuous mode. No press, No stress!

Lab 800 Series pH Meters

Picture of Lab 800 Series pH Meters
All meters from the Lab 800 series feature our advanced measuring algorithm specially adapted to SI Analytics electrodes. The result of this advanced algorithm is a calibration and measurement with exceptional precision – and in much shorter time!

LR061WWW/0X Undercounter Refrigerator

Picture of LR061WWW/0X Undercounter Refrigerator
Digital LED display microprocessor temperature controller

RevSpin Microcentrifuge Model RS-200

Picture of RevSpin Microcentrifuge Model RS-200
The RS-200 is the only microcentrifuge equipped with multiple speeds, digital timer and electronic imbalance detection system for under $1,000 retail.

SB-12L Shaking Water Bath

Picture of SB-12L Shaking Water Bath
This compact shaking water bath utilizes the well proven, belt-less motor drive system from Benchmark's popular Orbi-Shaker™ Series, with the addition of precision temperature control up to 80°C.

Sc450 Cod

Picture of Sc450 Cod
The SC450 is a single parameter colorimeter for water quality analysis. These rugged, waterproof, instruments are lightweight and ideal for laboratory and field testing.

Sci-Basics Hotplate Stirrer

Picture of Sci-Basics Hotplate Stirrer
The Sci-Basics hotplate features an exceptionally durable, chemical resistant, round 5.25 in. white ceramic work surface.

VS20 WAVE Maxi Vertical Electrophoresis Equipment

Picture of VS20 WAVE Maxi Vertical Electrophoresis Equipment
The new VS20 "WAVE" Maxi System is our latest product innovation for large format vertical gel electrophoresis.
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